Daily Dose of iQ: New Samsung Gear Fit 'Best Fitness Wearable Yet'

Apr 08, 2014 — Larissa Hsia

Today, Mashable published a full review of Samsung's new Gear Fit smartwatch and called it the best fitness wearable yet.

"The device is only compatible with about 20 Galaxy-branded devices, so you're out of luck for now if you're running iOS or have a non-Samsung smartphone. But for those who fall into that group and are eying a fitness wearable, this is by far your best option yet,” wrote Mashable's Samantha Murphy Kelly.

This is good news for Samsung because the previous Galaxy Gear smartwatch was a flop.

This is a sign of progress for Samsung wearables because the company’s previous Galaxy Gear smartwatch was, by most accounts, a flop.

Having gone through Kelly's review, one of the features that jumped out at me were Gear Fit's the lightness and wearability: "The lightweight device weighs just 0.95 ounce — less than half the weight of the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch — and rests comfortably on the wrists," she wrote.

If something I wear on my wrist is heavy, clunky or uncomfortable I would likely stop wearing it. They also say in the article that the band is less likely to cause an allergic reaction "but it can handle your sweat from workouts and is hypoallergenic too, meaning it's far less likely to give you a rash like the recently recalled Fitbit band."  Having the choice to personalize my band stylistically is important.

The key benefit for me: Email notifications without having to search through my purse.

More than anything though, the smartwatch things like email notifications without having to search through my purse is the best thing. The downside being that you still need your phone close by and that you need additional charger accessories.

The option to have both landscape and portrait views is great because if one is too awkward, then you have the other option. User preference and ease of use is paramount to the success of this product for me.

However, because I'm an iOS user, I'm waiting waiting to see what the iWatch (rumored for a Q4 release) will give us. While I see lots of positives to smartwatch technology, but I do find the Gear Fit's $199 price tag a little steep.

I find the Gear Fit's $199 price tag a little steep, though.

I have friends that use the Nike+ Fuelband and like the gamification aspect of it. I imagine that they'd probably go the next step with the Gear Fit or the iWatch. I believe people like to have next "new" thing but that most people will want more bells and whistles, and problems ironed out before they drop $199.

And, we should note, we haven't even seen the moto 360 yet.

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