Daily Dose of iQ: Neiman Marcus Matches Inventory to Digital Signage Promos

Oct 31, 2014 — Jerome Valdez

Daily DOOH reported Wednesday (Oct. 29) that Neiman Marcus Last Call, in partnership with Scala, matched digital in-store ads with products the former hoped to boost in sales.

It appears the team employed a strategy to adjust the content on the screens in a quick feedback loop, once they were able to see patterns of behavior from the analytics package.

Many similar campaigns are launched, but without the rapid analytical feedback loop.

I think that the level of planning and conscious effort to successfully alter screen content based on is noteworthy. Many similar campaigns are launched, but the feedback loop is not as fast as what they are describing, and the ability to change the content on screens is not as fast.

“The conclusion was that when in-store inventory didn’t correlate with the images being advertised, customer frustration resulted and the assumption that generic images would suffice was disproved," wrote Daily DOOH's Gail Chiasson.

There is often a disconnect between what's on-screen and what's available in-store.

It seems obvious that images on the display should correlate to actual inventory. But in my experience, I have seen many displays that show models wearing nice clothes, but the clothes are ironically not available in that store.

It seems like the production effort required to make the display content and advertisements is far removed enough from actual inventory management -- there is often a disconnect between what's on-screen and what's available in-store. And yet it seems so obvious that it’s a wonder why many retailers fail to execute on it.

There are two key take-aways here:

1. You should definitely match the content on the screen to inventory on hand. 

2. Plan your digital signage so that you can quickly adjust the content in response to user behavior.

Number two is harder than it sounds because you need to have a few alternatives to display on your digital signage at the ready. If you have to wait to change the content because you need a production company to make new assets or videos, then you feedback loop becomes much longer.

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