Daily Dose of iQ: Mobile Future Infographic Reiterates Dire Spectrum State

Mar 29, 2012 — Allan Pulga

Last month, we blogged about the U.S. 'spectrum crunch,' as mobile phone traffic nears wireless network limits (analysts are predicting a spectrum deficit as early as next year).

Today, a new infographic from Mobile Future helps to better illustrate ramifications of the spectrum crunch.

"Just five years ago, consumers turned to their phones for basic communications - placing calls, checking email and sending texts," writes Mobile Future, a telecom lobbying group. "Today, those phones have morphed into a range of mobile devices that place the power of information in the palms of our hands."

Some big reasons why wireless spectrum is being consumed at a record pace:

  • 792 mobile apps are downloaded each second.
  • 29 million mobile users streamed music in 2011.
  • Video content accounts for 52% of all mobile data traffic.
  • Facebook hosts 1627 mobile status updates per second.
  • Twitter boasts 13 million mobile users.
  • Instagram reported a 1,900% increase in the number of photos posted in a single year

And so, Mobile Future is urging the FCC and the U.S. government to "swiftly and responsibly" invest in more spectrum to "fuel our mobile future."

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