Daily Dose of iQ: Mobile Ads Jump 711%

Feb 03, 2012 — Allan Pulga

Mobile advertising is blowing up. And a new infographic from inneractive shows by just how much.

"In just a 12-month span, inneractive has seen more than 700 percent jump in clicks and nearly the same in ad requests," wrote Kevin C. Tofel of Gigaom.com (Feb. 1). "If advertisers are still doubting the growth opportunity in mobile, this pretty picture ought to spell it out for them."

  • Mobile ad clicks are up 711%.
  • Ad requests are up 698%.
  • Ad requests by platform: Apple up 981%, Android up 759%, BlackBerry up 265%, Nokia up 423%.
  • Ad requests by region: N.America (up 983%), Europe (up 712%), S.America (up 674%), Africa (up 653%), Asia Pacific (up 599%), Oceania (up 447%).
  • Ad revenues are up 522%.
  • Advertising spend is up 464%.

The growth of mobile ads is not suprising, considering we saw a rapid proliferation of smartphone and tablet use worldwide in 2011. Also, because free-mium and ad-powered applications represent an alternative to paid content, even more ads get clicked upon.

As expected, Apple and North America are leading the mobile advertising charge. However, it's surprising that Africa has as much demand for mobile ads as reported (up 653%) -- one would assume they are using more feature phones than ad-capable smartphones, but perhaps not.

Take-home message for retailers: Wireless retailers, of course, need to capitalize on the opportunity and advertise upon the phones they sell to customers.

A big challenge to consider: Content generation and curation. How can you make mobile ads with relevant content, as opposed to spamming the audience? For example, news readers track your reading patterns and customize ad content accordingly. Can this be tied to some form of loyalty program?

App intergration for micro-transactions will be another opporunity as well. Something like a PayPal-type virtual currency, to reward customers for value-added interactions, would be great for boosting customer loyalty (see Social Commerce and Shopkick).

Topics: Retail Operations, Wireless Trends, Mobile Industry, Customer Experience, Retail Marketing

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