Daily Dose of iQ: Meet myTAG, a New Local Selling Platform

Sep 13, 2013 — Allan Pulga

Profiled by TechCrunch yesterday (Sept. 12), myTAG is a soon-to-launch local online selling platform that hopes to compete with services like Craigslist, but without the sketchy anonymity often associated with Craigslist.

“We think local ecommerce should be honest, safe, simple – and fun. And we’ve made myTAG all that and more!” states myTAG Founder and CEO Tony Pham on the company website.

Looking at a screenshot for the site, the design is clean and looks easy to use - it looks kinda like Pinterest, really. But what makes myTAG unique is its focus on user transparency.

We think local ecommerce should be honest, safe, simple – and fun.Tony Pham, myTAG Founder and CEO

"(Pham says) his platform is differentiated not only by the introduction of social profiles and seller ratings (e.g. pulled in from eBay and Amazon), but also because of its support for video," wrote TechCrunch's Sarah Perez.

"Buyers and sellers can integrate videos into their posts, instead of just photos. The service has some gamification elements, too, as users can earn 'vouches' as others leave them ratings and reviews, and earn badges for reaching specific milestones, like the number of videos they create."

myTAG expects to launch in California on Thursday, Sept. 19, with plans to expand throughout the United States thereafter.

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