Daily Dose of iQ: Marketing Cues from Teens' Use of Social Media

Dec 29, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Wireless retailers are often catering to young people -- after all, they're the most Internet connected demographic.

According to the Nielsen, in the third quarter of 2011, U.S. teens tripled their mobile data usage over the year-ago period. This growth rate was higher than any other age group polled.

"How teens interact with the social web can be valuable indicators of future trends in social engagement and give us some insight into what to expect in the new year and beyond," wrote Reggie Bradford, CEO of Virtue, in a blog for MediaPost.com.

Bradford argues that because teens are more willing to share information about their lives, marketers should pay attention to three emerging trends in 2012: 1) Facebook's Open Graph and Timeline, 2) mobile as an engagement channel and 3) the rise of teen use of Twitter.

1) Facebook's Open Graph and Timeline: Teens tend to be more transparent but don't expect them to share everything you produce. To get noticed, Bradford says, you still have to generate quality, thought-provoking content.

2) Mobile as an Engagement Channel: Make your content more mobile-friendly. Mobile marketing (location-based offers and coupons) and mobile commerce are two big opportunities to engage with teens in the coming year. Bradford suggests providing content that users can quickly consume and respond to. Prompt users to react to content by liking it, commenting on it, or even better, sharing it with their friends.

3) The Rise of Teen Use of Twitter: Twitter is an incredible source of real-time content consumption and brands can also use it for more than a customer support tool. "In December, Twitter launched brand pages allowing advertisers to create richer, more engaging, customized destination pages," Bradford writes. "We’ll be monitoring this development closely and so should you."

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