Daily Dose of iQ: Making QR Codes Look Cool

Jul 25, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Amy-Mae Elliott revealed 15 Beautiful and Creative QR Codes on Mashable.com (July 23).

Different companies added artwork and tiny little graphics to make an otherwise bland and predictable QR code into something identifiably their own.

I really liked the QR codes for Help Japan and QR Arts (see above photo).

The Help Japan code was designed by SET. "As well as extending the code to make an instantly recognizable red cross, the faux parts of the code contain related symbols for an arresting overall effect," wrote Elliott.

The QR Arts code, designed by QR code expert Patrick Donnelly, is unique in that it arranges real-life objects into a scannable code.

“Designer QR codes are not only a way to make your 2D barcode stand out, but they also add a more human element to the otherwise cold and techie appearance,” Donnelly told Elliott. “This could be the difference between someone scanning your code or not.”

I also found Donnelly's Pac-Man QR Code (below) pretty clever.

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