Daily Dose of iQ: Interactive Touch Screen Steals Show at Verizon App Center Launch

Aug 12, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Verizon launched a new Application Innovation Center in San Francisco on Aug. 10.

Connected to the company's LTE Innovation Center in Boston, this new facility was established to "create, optimize and polish their ideas," in developing mobile apps for consumer and business use, Verizon said in a release.

"The facility is comprised of collaborative lab environments, private lab space, demonstration and seminar area and office space for engineers and members of the company's developer relations team," the company adds.

Emi Kolawole of the Washington Post reported (Aug. 11) that Verizon has partnered with Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and Samsung in building the App Center, which offers private lab spaces as well as areas for demonstrations and seminars.

"During the launch, the big attraction, however, was the nine-pane touch screen that allows users to search for applications and see video descriptions," wrote Kolawole. "Each application also showcased QR codes that users could use to access additional information about the application on their phones. The nine panes all operated as a seamless, wall-mounted touchscreen." (See above photo, taken by Engadget.)

The massive touch screen appears to be a nice format for browsing apps, with a multitude of app icons arranged in a circle. I imagine that once you click on one, the info for that app appears in the center of the circle.

It makes for an attractive interface and I'd be interested to see how it works.

Topics: Mobile Industry, Customer Experience

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