Instagram Expands Its Ads, Facebook Ramps Up E-Commerce

Sep 09, 2015 — Allan Pulga

Indeed, Facebook owns Instagram and as the former looks to monetize the latter, Instagram users can expect to see new types of advertisements soon.

"While Instagram isn’t necessarily pushing more ads on its users, advertisers are getting a few new ways to draw in eyeballs," wrote PCWorld's Jared Newman today. "The maximum length of video ads, for instance, is doubling to 30 seconds, encouraging users to gaze for a bit longer as they scroll through an ad in their feed. Photo and video ads may also appear in landscape mode for a more cinematic look."

Facebook and Instagram are inviting brands to connect with users via sponsored posts and 'shoppable' content.

Instagram is also introducing a "Marquee" ad type, which seems to be an attention-grabbing header of sorts. In addition, sponsored posts (like the ones pictured above) will be opened up to smaller brands and to more than 30 countries, beginning Sept. 30. These ads will have specialized buttons, such as "install now" for apps, or "shop now" to link to an e-commerce page.

Facebook, meanwhile is launching a "Shop" section of its own, to allow retailers to make their product the focal point of their brand pages.

"Among the changes is a new Shop section that retailers can add to their Facebook pages to make their products the focal point of their page," wrote Internet Retailer's Zak Stambor yesterday (Sept. 8). "The social network also revamped its call-to-action buttons, which include a Shop Now button, by making the buttons larger and brighter and placing them directly under the page’s cover photo. In addition to the seven current call-to-action options that merchants can add to their pages, the social network added three customer service-oriented options: Call Now, Send Message or Contact Us."

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