Daily Dose of iQ: How Do Shoppers Use In-Store Wi-Fi?

Mar 14, 2013 — Allan Pulga

In-store Wi-Fi has become increasingly common lately, either via stores' own networks or free Wi-Fi access offered by public spaces like malls and airports.

As we've blogged in the past, connecting with consumers' phones and/or tracking their progress/activity within the store is of great interest to retailers.

Speaking of consumers' Wi-Fi activity, a Q4 2012 report from JiWire looked exactly what consumers have been using in-store Wi-Fi to do.

90% of U.S. smartphone users polled used their device in-store.

"Shoppers are taking full advantage of the information they can access using their mobile devices," eMarketer reported today. "JiWire’s survey of US customers found that more than nine in 10 smartphone owners had used their device while at a physical store location."

The graph below shows JiWire's most interesting data:


Over 60% of consumers polled use in-store Wi-Fi to compare prices, while 56% of women (42% of men) use it to look up deals and coupons to use in-store.

Over 60% of people used in-store Wi-Fi to compare prices; fewer than 20% used it to find an item elsewhere.

Looking up product reviews is also popular (54% of women; 59% of men).

Meanwhile, other activities like browsing online or using social media were less popular: 38% or lower.

Surprisingly, fewer than 20% used in-store Wi-Fi to look up an item elsewhere, which means people are more motivated by price than by necessarily finding it for sale at a different store.

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