Daily Dose of iQ: Help in Identifying Your Next Store Location?

Mar 24, 2014 — Allan Pulga

Today we came across a startup called PiinPoint, which launches this week, whose software is designed to help companies plot out their next physical location.

"The tool is not niche, and is designed to help a wide range of companies discover their next locale," wrote TechCrunch's Alex Wilhelm. "If you want to find the best spot to build another coffee shop, or, as the company told TechCrunch, 'a distribution centre for online retailers,' its software can help."

iQmetrix Maps uses operational AND demographic data to help users identify future store locations.

Naturally, PiinPoint uses rich, ever-changing data (demographic, traffic, etc.) to help clients identify future locations.

If you're familiar with our company, you may already know we, too, have the software and data to help clients identify potential store locations. Not only that: Our web-based iQmetrix Maps product allows for in-depth data visualization, so you can monitor the performance of existing stores and cross-reference those numbers with census data, geographic data and more.

iQmetrix Maps are an integral part of our Business Intelligence suite. Contact our BI Team to learn more.

Topics: Mobile Industry, Business Intelligence

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