Daily Dose of iQ: Google Unveils $199 Tablet; latest Android OS; Nexus Q

Jun 27, 2012 — Garett Rogers

At Google I/O, a developer conference strictly for Google developers, there were a few noteworthy announcements made.

First, Google announced their new Nexus 7 tablet -- coming in the 7-inch format with quad core processor and some beefy graphics processing hardware. It comes in two formats, 8 and 16GB, starting at only $199. (See video below.)

The Nexus 7 is not an iPad killer -- it should be Amazon that is worried, as it's a direct competitor to their Kindle Fire. Google is positioning it as a media device (like the Fire), but with the latest and greatest official Android operating system called Jellybean. Unlike the Kindle, you will have full access to the entire Google Play market, and all the Android features that people want.

Jellybean is the latest version of Android, which is said to be rolled out mid-July. The new operating system is designed for UI responsiveness (the project internally was code-named "Butter"). Along with the improved user experience comes a Siri-like voice search tool. The demos presented in the live feed from the conference were impressive.

And with the "Nexus Q," Google is trying to take on Apple as the centre of your media universe. You can get your fix of basically any form of digital entertainment through the Google Play store (books, movies, TV, games, apps) -- and the Nexus Q is its in-home media player.

 Google Nexus Q 

The Nexus Q is a fancy set-top sphere -- to compete with the Apple TV box currently on the market -- that will let people stream the Google Play content they own (and YouTube content as well) to their TV.

Overall, it was an good day for Google followers. It will be interesting to see how the Nexus 7 competes with the Amazon Kindle -- but it's still too early to say who the winner will be.

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