Daily Dose of iQ: Google Allows Marketers to Determine ROI on Mobile AdWords

May 06, 2015 — Allan Pulga

Think about how often you Google businesses on your phone to find their number (say, to order takeout) or their address (to launch Google Maps and find directions to get there). More often than not, the first result you see on your phone is a paid AdWord for that business.

Now, imagine how exciting it would be to connect all that mobile advertisements with an action, like walking into that business (via willingly shared mobile phone location info) or better yet paying for something via Google Wallet. It's like the holy grail to marketers: trackable mobile ROI.

Connecting mobile advertisements with an action is the holy grail to marketers.

VentureBeat reported yesterday (May 5) that, as a follow-up to its ballyhooed "mobilegeddon" search engine update to promote mobile-friendly websites, Google is also revamping its mobile AdWords platform as well.

"We’ve hit an inflection point,” Google’s VP Jerry Dischler, who heads up product management for search ads, told VentureBeat's John Koetsier. “There are now more Google searches on mobile than on desktop in 10 countries, including the U.S. and Japan.

“We’ve anticipated this moment, seen this trend coming for several years now, and have been investing ahead of the opportunity."

Google mobile searches now exceed desktop ones in 10 countries.

Indeed, Google has been working towards this type of data analysis for years (see: Google's 2013 Mobile Calculator). It was just waiting for the critical mass of mobile search users to make it viable for all advertisers -- an inflection point as Dischler called it above.

Marketers have always wanted to attribute advertisements to consumer activity; it's just that nobody had the (mobile) data to connect the dots. Until now. It's a very cool development that underlines why Google's stronghold on search, location and behavioural data continues to tighten.

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