Daily Dose of iQ: Gleam's Back-End B2B Platform Lets Fashion Brands Analyze App Data

Aug 22, 2014 — Nicole Arksey

Last week, we blogged about Spring, an app that basically refers users to fashion brands’ e-commerce (and m-commerce) sites. Sort of along the same lines, TechCrunch wrote yesterday (Aug. 21) about an app called Gleam.

Gleam appears to be a similar “discovery tool” for consumers, now launching a back-end B2B platform for brands to consume its data. Technically, a brand could post products to Spring and Gleam simultaneously, and benefit from the exposure both apps could give.

The value of Gleam analytics is a function of a fashion brand's sales through Gleam.

The strength of curation apps like these is the consumer gets to shop a variety of brands without having to go to different sites. The brands gain exposure to different users who may not be familiar with their brand.

As for the back-end B2B platform, "Gleam’s ‘Fashion Intelligence Platform’ lets brand that pay a subscription fee get real-time insightsG into how consumers are interacting with their content and products," wrote TechCrunch's Mike Butcher.

The value of Gleam analytics data is a function a brand's sales through Gleam. If there is sufficient traffic coming from Gleam, then anytime a company can gain information about their customers’ behavior is pretty invaluable.

One downfall: Gleam doens't have a desktop version of its app.

Gleam says its user base is 250,000 across over 60 countries, with a monthly growth rate of 25%. Looking forward, Gleam's challenge is curating fashion in a way that is compelling to a variety of users. If the app can learn what you like and give you more suggestions based on your brand and style preferences it might be useful.

One downfall for sure is Gleam doesn't have a desktop version of its app and there is lots of evidence that users browse across many devices before making a purchase.

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