Daily Dose of iQ: Friday Mobile Tech News Round-Up

Jun 29, 2012 — Allan Pulga

Apple iPhone Turns 5

Five years ago this week, Apple launched the original iPhone. I remember writing about that back in 2007. The device was a game changer then and it remains a big deal today.

How big? Staggeringly big. As Henry Blodget of Business Insider wrote on Wednesday (June 27), "The iPhone business is now bigger than Microsoft." That's amazing.

"The iPhone generates $25 billion of revenue per quarter, or 100 billion per year," he adds. "The iPhone has destroyed at least three huge companies (Palm, RIM and Nokia) and has deeply wounded others (Microsoft, HP and Dell)."

Also in iPhone news: Virgin Mobile began carrying the iPhone today at an incredible prepaid rate of $30/mo. with unlimited data and 300 voice minutes (must buy the phone outright though).

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

Google has introduced analytics for mobile apps, allowing developers to track how their apps are performing and where users are coming from.

Mashable has published a handy slideshow with screenshots of what it looks like and what kind of data it tracks.

Steps for Facebook's Path to Online Ad Domination

Facebook has loads of untapped advertising potential and Advertising Age's Ben Elowitz put together a nice checklist on how the world's most popular social network (900 million users and counting) can realize that potential.

Essentially, Elowitz suggests keeping the ad platform proprietary, proving the "value" of social ads to advertisers, and making the UX so good you don't realize you're looking at ads. Oh and it's important to keep the data private (no surprise there).

Tablets Drive More E-Commerce Traffic than Smartphones

Consumers prefer using tablets to smartphones for online shopping, according to new research from Monetate.

"Monetate, which analyzes more than 100 million online shopping experiences, said that in the first quarter of 2012, tablet traffic to commerce sites hit 6.52%, overtaking smartphones (5.35%) for the first time," wrote Ryan Kim of Gigaom.com.

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