Daily Dose of iQ: Friday Mobile News Roundup

Nov 25, 2011 — Allan Pulga

John Lewis QR Code Store in the U.K.

The John Lewis department store and Waitrose supermarket chain in the U.K. launched their first virtual store (pictured above). People walking past its Brighton Waitrose storefront can scan QR codes for featured items (scan before 7 p.m.) and pick them up at the store the following day (after 2 p.m.). This is convenient because John Lewis only has 28 locations; Waitrose has 260 locations.  Source: 2d-code.co.uk

Apple Users More Loyal than Android and BlackBerry Users: Study

A GfK study has found Apple users less likely to switch smartphone or tablet brands: 19% of people that own both an iPad and an iPhone say switching smartphones is more difficult than changing bank accounts or gas providers. Source: Proactiveinvestors.com

Samsung Ad Mocks iPhone Faithful

Since Apple fans are so famous for camping outside of Apple Stores for new product releases, Samsung has taken a poke at them (see video below):

Source: FinancialPost.com

Facebook Phone: Let's Give it Away for Free

Business Insider reports that Facebook wanted to give its first Android phone to people for free without a contract, in hopes of making the money back through ad revenue. "The idea went away," writes Nicholas Carson.

Facebook Phone: The Pros and Cons

Dan Rowinski of ReadWriteWeb.com gives a nice breakdown of the ideas driving the Facebook smartphone:

  • "Facebook has two distinct beliefs in its approach to its platform: it is built of the Web and it is inherently social."
  • "(Facebook can add) a social layer to mobile to such depths that no other company can... Facebook as a platform could lay on top of Android and push everything through Facebook's services, such as messaging, photos (Facebook is, after all, the biggest photo sharing site in the world), Skype, events and contacts. The way Facebook wins on Android is by making Facebook the portal to the Web, in your pocket wherever you go."
  • "Given Facebook's focus on sharing, it makes perfect sense to push an HTML5 Web app ecosystem through its platform... By making app discovery social, Facebook increases the amount of connections it can make between users, increasing the strength of the social graph."
  • "Apps naturally lead to the question of payment. Facebook Credits would have to be the default system for Web apps through its platform devices."
  • "The why of a Facebook Phone is straightforward: mobile is where users are going to be spending the vast amount of their computing time in the near future. How: through HTC with the mobile Web layered on top of Android tied strongly to the Facebook social graph."

Cool Tech Toys for Christmas

Shane Dingman, Tech Editor for the Globe and Mail posted a video with a number of mobile gift ideas for kids, including: the Woogie 2 from Griffin Technology (which allows toddlers to play with your iPhone without breaking it); the Crayola Trace & Draw for the iPad 2 (also from Griffin); and the amazing Parrot Quadricopter (controllable by iPhone/iPod).AR

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