Daily Dose of iQ: Foursquare's Samsung-Sponsored 'Time Machine' Gives Meaning to Check-Ins

Jun 17, 2013 — Allan Pulga

I gotta give credit where credit's due. I've long been a critic of Foursquare, insisting for years now that the app was useless. People would say, "No, I like that it shows my friends where I am." My reply to that was always, "If you want your friends to find you, text them."

With Time Machine, all of your check-in data speaks for itself.

All of that said, I was pretty impressed when I saw Foursquare's new Time Machine dashboard (sponsored by Samsung -- great move on their part, by the way, to brand the interface). It's awesome.

Fast Company's Neal Ungerleider did a brief breakdown of Time Machine last week (June 13), but screenshots (the data) speak for themselves.

Suddenly, all of your years and years of seemingly inane and navel-gazing check-ins are aggregated into these meaningful and fascinating graphs and charts. They're categorized into different activity types (e.g. food, nightlife, arts & entertainment, etc.). Time Machine shows you your most recent check-ins, top categories, top places and top spot of the week. And get this: year-over-year comparisons of check-in frequency and categories.

I wish Facebook could aggregate this kind of data over time.

I'm a pretty sentimental and nostalgic guy. I kinda wish Facebook (of which I'm an active user) could aggregate this kind of categorical data over time too. I'd like to see some analytics of where I'd been, what I'd been up to, and how often.

And yeah, upon seeing Time Machine, I kinda wished (even for a moment) I signed up for Foursquare long ago. Just kinda.

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