Daily Dose of iQ: Facebook, Twitter Fuel Smartphone Addiction

Aug 04, 2011 — Allan Pulga

U.K. research firm Ofcom has reported that 60 percent of smartphone using teens admit to being "highly addicted" to their phones. Among adults polled, 37 percent admit the same addiction.

Respondents said they were using their phones mostly to connect to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

"Almost half of teenagers and more than a quarter of adults now own a smartphone, with most using their iPhone or BlackBerry to browse Facebook and email," wrote Josh Halliday of The Guardian.

"The study, published on Thursday, also shows that smartphones have begun to intrude on our most private moments, with 47 percent of teenagers admitting to using their device in the toilet. Only 22 percent of adults confessed to the same habit. Unsurprisingly, mobile-addicted teens are more likely than adults to be distracted by their phones over dinner and in the cinema – and more would answer their phone if it woke them up."

A Google study back in April found that 39 percent of U.S. smartphone owners use their phone in the bathroom. I think it's actually even more than that. The adult Brits (at 22 percent) are just being shy.

Other findings from the Ofcom study:

  • 59% of U.K. smartphone users acquired their phone over the past year.
  • 81% of smartphone users make calls every day, compared with 53% of regular cellphone users.
  • 23% of teenagers watch less TV due to their smartphone use; 15% admit to reading fewer books.

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