Daily Dose of iQ: Facebook Gets Retail Likes In New, Weird Ways

Jan 15, 2015 — Allan Pulga

Yesterday, I came across a SmartInsights blog post about integrating social with omnichannel retail, which identified three unique Facebook integrations I'd never seen before.

The first two, which were operated by a Brazilian ad agency called DM8DMM, allows Facebook users to automatically "like" items of clothing either by pressing a button on the hanger (see above photo), or by pressing a like button embedded on a chip in a print magazine (see below photo).

The magazine example connects to the user's Facebook account because the user actually registered to receive a copy of the print magazine via Facebook. As for how the clothes hanger in the store knows who you are? I have no idea.

The third example isn't as complicated, it's just a physical Facebook like counter from a company called Smiirl (see below photo) which connects to a Wi-Fi network to update your store/brand's like count in real time. Not sure how this helps you close sales, but it looks kinda cool.

Topics: Mobile Industry, Customer Experience, Retail Marketing

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