Daily Dose of iQ: Erply's New Cardswipe 'Clip' for iOS Devices

Aug 24, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Last month, we blogged about VeriFone’s cardswipe case for the iPad, which allows retailers to take credit card payments anywhere in the store. This case improves on Square's headphone jack accessory.

Now, a company called Erply is entering the same space, with a new cardswipe clip that can connect to an iPad or iPhone to take payments (see photo below).

"With the Erply’s reader, a retailer attaches the device to an iPad or iPhone’s charging port and this communicates with the company’s POS software to process the transaction and record the sale in inventory," wrote TechCruch.com's Leena Rao (Aug. 24). "The credit card information is actually encrypted inside the device, ensuring that the transaction is safe and secure."

erply.pngThe Erply reader looks sturdier than the Square device and is more compact than the VeriFone case. It also connects to the iPhone, which makes it more versatile than the VeriFone case.

Rao also points out that the Erply reader also competes with Intuit's GoPayment reader in this space.

NYC Restaurant Manages All Operations on iPad

In related news, Dave Smith of Inc.com reported last week (Aug. 16) on a New York City restaurant -- called De Santos -- that manages both front and back of house via iPads.

"The iPads can do everything associated with the day-to-day functions of the restaurant -- namely, taking orders, sending them to the kitchen, and paying for the bill -- but makes it simpler and much more time- and money-efficient," he writes. "The customized POS system, which appears as an app on every server's iPad, can access the restaurant's table and seating chart, as well as a full visual menu from the kitchen and the bar."

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