Daily Dose of iQ: eBay says Data Can Improve In-Store Experiences

Oct 18, 2013 — Allan Pulga

The Retail TouchPoints blog published a post today from an event at which eBay's Head of Retail Business Strategy, David Geisinger, was speaking.

Geisinger said that as retailers accumulate customers' transactional data, "They should use it."

Failure to act upon customers' data is a missed opportunity to personalize their experience.David Geisinger, eBay's Head of Retail Strategy

He proceeded to give an example: It typically takes three months for his dog to finish a bag of dog food; then Geisinger heads to the pet store to buy more. The pet store has access to this information and has an opportunity to re-engage, he said, but it has never sent him a message.

"This is a huge missed opportunity."

Geisinger encourages retailers to send personalized push notifications and alerts when consumers are reaching the point when they need to replenish a product. For wireless retailers of course, this means reaching out to customers when it's time for them to upgrade their phones.

Topics: Privacy, Wireless Trends, Mobile Industry, Customer Experience

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