Daily Dose of iQ: Direct from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Feb 29, 2012 — Ron Tweddle

iQmetrix CFO Ron Tweddle attended the 2012 Mobile World Congress. The following are his notes from keynotes and sessions he attended.
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Keynote 2: The Connected Consumer - Monday, Feb. 27

eBay CEO John Donahue:
- Mobile is end point of retail transactions.
- Inflection point on shopping and pay.
- Consumer led demand: what they want, where and when. Openness, not closed. Give consumer the choice.
- eBay in brick-and-mortar? Only to showcase retailers who sell through eBay.
- Won't do the Amazon thing, as this competes with their small business customers.
- eBay is focusing on commerce and payments.

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn:
- The world is changing. Mobile is touching ALL sectors.
- Connect ALL devices: autos, appliances, etc. Best Buy will be selling these connected devices. 
- Need to lower price point for access to Wi-Fi.
- Need more transparency from carriers to help customers match usage to plan type.
- Too many locked devices; impairs consumer choice.
- Showroom for e-tailers? Best Buy is about choice. Best brands and all carriers. Unbiased friendly service. Every customer that walks through the door is an opportunity to close.
- 77% of Best Buy online orders are picked up in Best Buy stores!
- Carphone Warehouse partnership in Europe. Soon to announce several new partnerships which will bring Best Buy to Europe's largest retailer of connected devices.   

IPG CEO Michael Roth:
- Mobile advertising spend is on the rise.
- 9 billion connected devices, which by 2020 will be 22 billion. All accessing the Internet.
- Advertising must move to relationships, not simply obtaining eyeballs.
- 40% of consumers on on devices while watching TV.
- See HBO GO content: agile prototyping for high consumer impact. Competes with Netflix and Hulu.

Business Transformation: Operators As Intelligent Partners - Monday, Feb. 27

Vaughan Smith, VP Mobile Partnerships, Facebook:
- Facebook drives distribution: 425 million mobile users, over 1 billion users.
- Through "open graph" integration, developers can access over 1,000 device types across all mobile operating platforms. As users are experiencing your app, they share with their friends, who are able to instantly go to the link to download the app.
- Spotify partnered with Facebook. Huge referal growth. Accounted for more than 20% of their app downloads.
- Another success: Pinterest. Fastest startup to hit 10 million monthly users in Internet history. Facebook drove the adoption.
- Facebook has identified three issues facing app developers:
   1. Distribution and app discovery: Facebook answers this.
   2. HTML standardization: Facebook is chairing an initiative to set a new developer standard and a filter/testing system to police and certify apps that pass this standard.
   3. Payments to the developers are difficult and broken: Facebook has approached most worldwide major carriers and is looking to facilitate payments across multiple countries without having to use SMS confirmations. 

Jeff Warren, VP, Local & Customer Engagement Products, Expedia Mobile:
- Expedia leading travel agency in the world. 29 billion in travel volume. 70% is U.S. based. Behind Faceboook, travel is next most searched area.

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