Daily Dose of iQ: DipJar Accepts Preset Tips, Payment with A Simple 'Dip'

Jul 03, 2015 — Allan Pulga

Today, we came across an interesting retail startup called "DipJar," whose teal-colored terminal makes it easy for small businesses to accept preset tips or payments at the point of sale.

As indicated in the image above, a coffeeshop could set a standard tip amount of $1 and, after paying for your coffee, all you have to do is swipe your card into the DipJar, and the tip is processed.

DipJar appears simple enough, but it doesn't appear to support EMV or NFC.

In today's ever-changing world of payment/loyalty apps, payment terminals and POS technology (not to mention, nobody carrying cash anymore), it might appeal to some consumers to simply tip this way.

I, personally, don't find this any easier than following the basic tip prompts on any payment terminal already out there, so I'm not crazy about it myself. Starbucks, for instance, the vanguard in this type of thing, already allows customers to pay and tip within its mobile app. Another issue with DipJar is it doesn't appear to support EMV (chip and pin) or NFC (tap-to-pay). I'd argue that NFC would make DipJar even better and faster, not to mention scalable beyond the U.S. market.

Other use cases for DipJar include streetside buskers (selling CDs for say, $5) or fixed dollar amount sales (think Girl Guide cookies for $3 a box).

Topics: Retail Operations, Mobile Industry

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