Daily Dose of iQ: Cool New Retail Experiences

Jun 21, 2011 — Allan Pulga

My colleagues and I found a couple of fascinating new interactive retail experiences today: The Toyota Vision Multi-touch Wall and the augmented reality iButterfly coupon concept.

The Toyota Vision Multi-touch Wall: Pictured above, this interactive wall was launched at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit back in January. The wall, made up of three 82" multi-touch LCD screens, was designed by Juxt Interactive, displayed all kinds of information related to the new Toyota Prius.

"(The experience showed) the life span of the product experience from the factory, to the showroom, to the street," explained the Juxt Team. "When visitors touched the screen, a graphic hand interface appeared, indicating options of exploration -- visitors could learn about the creation of Toyota products, read product details or hear from onwers."

Check out the video of the wall in action. The experience was really simple and looked like a lot of fun -- even kids were drawn in by the fast-moving graphics and vivid colors. You could imagine how successful this interface would be in a storefront in a mall, on a busy street or near a subway station.

iButterfly coupon concept: This Japanese campaign connected an iPhone augmented reality app with the GPS in the phone and a coupon promotion to create a unique user/customer experience.

After downloading the app, users could point their iPhone camera out onto the landscape or street in front of themselves and (based on their geographic location) a certain type of butterfly would fly into the viewfinder.

Users could "catch" the butterfly by flipping their phone down quickly. The app allowed them to collect the different butterflies they caught and even exchange them with friends.

On the retail end: Each butterfly acted as a coupon. In the video below, the pink butterfly got the user a discount on an iced tea (see 0:59). Very cool!

Topics: Mobile Industry, Customer Experience, Retail Marketing

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