Daily Dose of iQ: Consumers More Curious about Android than iPhone OS

Apr 27, 2011 — Garett Rogers

Yesterday (April 26), Nielsen published a report about smartphone adoption, and the results confirm that Android has been gaining mind-share in recent months.

To me, the most interesting statistic in the findings was the "Next Desired Operating System" (see above graph). The only mobile operating system to gain this quarter was is Android -- the rest lost ground, including iOS.

Over the last six months, new phone purchasers decided 50 percent of the time to buy an Android device, versus 25 percent iPhone, 15 percent Blackberry and 7 percent Windows Phone 7 (see graph below). A few more quarters with these kind of stats will surely have a significant impact on the mobile operating system landscape.

Why are Android devices so popular? Perhaps it's got less to do with what a consumer wants, and more to do with what consumers are being sold. For instance, 78 percent* of wireless retail salespeople using PocketRQ (the mobile version or RQ4) currently have Android devices on their hip.  

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the mobile landscape looks like one year from now -- these are exciting times in the mobile world.

*According to aggregate usage statistics gathered by PocketRQ (April 2011)

Topics: RQ, Wireless Trends, Mobile Industry

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