Daily Dose of iQ: Carriers and Manufacturers Cater to Smartphone Late Adopters

May 24, 2013 — Allan Pulga

The Street's Tamara Chuang wrote an interesting article today about the different ways carriers and phone manufacturers are trying to lure first-time smartphone buyers to the store.

A lot of these people include the eldery (parents or grandparents), which reminds me of a previous article we'd referenced, noting that "smartphones aren't for everyone."

Still, as smartphones become less expensive and more user friendly, the benefits of smartphone adoption become increasingly accessible.

Some examples of promotions targeting smartphone late adopters include:

  • "Sprint's 'Ready Now' service makes sure every new phone customer doesn't leave without a store employee offering to transfer contacts, set up email and walk through all the features of the new phone," Chuang writes.
  • "Various companies offer uncluttered smartphones to lessen confusion for newbies. Fonts and icons tend to be larger, and a limited number of apps can be customized on the home screen. But you still have access to all the apps and features of a regular smartphone:
         - "The new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone includes the option to go into "Easy Mode," which is simpler interface with a clock, weather and date and six of the most used functions.
         - "The Pantech Flex One uses the Android "Easy Experience" mode and has just one home screen.
         - "The Jitterbug Touch is another phone targeting older adults. It's a full-fledged Android smartphone but the interface keeps things simple and large -- everything is in list form."
  • Apple and Microsoft stores offer free classes to help new users get more out of their phones. "Verizon Wireless offers online and in-store workshops on getting started with a smartphone," Chuang adds.
  • Even in Canada, the carrier Telus is advertising the "Telus Learning Centre," and inviting customers to book an appointment to learn smartphone basics, like setting an alarm on your phone.

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