Daily Dose of iQ: Black Friday RQ4 Stats, Big Day for Mobile

Nov 28, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Black Friday 2011 Sales of Android Phones Rise, Match iPhone Sales

We took a look at the Black Friday numbers across the U.S. from our RQ4 Wireless Retail system -- the leading retail management software for independent wireless retailers in North America -- and saw some interesting results.

Android phones made up 40.4% of all phones sold on Black Friday this year, up from 36.7% of phones on Black Friday 2010. This year's Android phone sales matched those of iPhones, which made up 40.2% of total phones sold.

Revenue per transaction from Black Friday 2011 increased 14.7% year over year. However, the ratio of phones to accessories sold stayed about the same. This tells us consumers actually bought more expensive phones on Black Friday 2011 than they did last year.

This finding matches that of NPD Group, which reported Black Friday shoppers spent 18.8% more on tech products in retail stores this year (an average of $380 in 2011, versus $320 in 2010).

The RQ4 Wireless Retail data also indicted that Black Friday 2011 sales took place over an entire 24-hour period. The first Black Friday transaction on RQ4 took place at 12:08 a.m. EST. The last transaction took place at 11:58 p.m. PST.

Black Friday Huge for Online, Mobile Sales

New data from comScore showed Black Friday sales were up 26% from 2010, reported Ryan Kim of Gigaom.com.

"Mobile devices are having a profound effect on shopping," writes Kim. "They are helping traditional online sales thanks to very shopping-friendly devices like the iPad and the new Amazon Kindle. They’re enabling consumers to feel more confident about purchases, because they have access to data at all times, and they also help consumers buy immediately as they hunt in store for deals.

"Apps like ShopSavvy and RedLaser are letting consumers not only find better deals on products in store, but also purchase them right from a store aisle."

IBM had some interesting Black Friday stats as well, such as: (Source: Erika Murphy, Forbes.com)

  • 17.04% of consumers used a mobile device to visit a retailer's site.
  • 9.51% of consumers used their mobile device to make a purchase.
  • iPhone leads mobile traffic with 6.58%, followed by Android at 5.20% and iPad at 4.71%.

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