Daily Dose of iQ: BI Intelligence Looks at In-Store Smartphone Use

Jul 23, 2012 — Allan Pulga

Business Insider Intelligence (BII) just released a new report examining how mobile device usage has changed in recent years.

The report found games to be the most popular mobile activites, followed by social networking in second place, and email/weather/maps/search in third.

What's most interesting to retailers is what BII identified as the most popular mobile shopping activities:

  1. Mobile Commerce: "Mobile is driving an increasingly large share of traffic to ecommerce sites. Forrester Research forecasts U.S. mobile commerce to hit $10 billion this year, up from $6 billion in 2010."
  2. Marketing: "Since many consumers access email mainly through their phones, mobile has become an important marketing channel."
  3. Research: "Mobile shoppers are likely to use their phones in-store to compare prices and consult on potential purchases with friends. According to Nielsen, 89% of smartphone owners have used their phone while shopping in stores, sometimes to scan bar codes or actually pay for products."
  4. In-Store Payments: "Consumers are beginning to make payments directly with their phones. According to Nielsen, 9% of mobile shoppers have paid for goods or services at point of sale."

And from the diagram above (U.S. Smartphone Owners Activity In Retail Stores, via comScore):

  • 24.0% of women (vs. 19.7% of men) polled took a picture of a product in-store.
  • 22.3% of women (vs. 18.8% of men) texted/called friends/family about a product.
  • 20.4% of men (vs. 16.2% of women) scanned a product barcode.
  • 20.2% of women (vs. 14.6% of men) sent a picture of products to family/friends.
  • 13.1% of men (vs. 12.3% of women) found a store location using their phones.
  • 14.1% of men (vs. 10% of women) compared product prices.

Topics: Retail Operations, Mobile Industry, Customer Experience, e-Commerce, Retail Marketing

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