Daily Dose of iQ: Apple-IBM Partnership and Its Implications for Retailers

Dec 19, 2014 — Allan Pulga

On Dec. 10, Apple and IBM launched the first apps of their new partnership: enterprise iOS apps for companies like Citi, Air Canada, Sprint and Banorte.

"(The apps) allow for various functions covering flight planning, financial advice, customer retention, government case worker support and sales assistance, to name a few," wrote TechCrunch's Darrell Etherington (Dec. 10).

The new Apple-IBM iOS apps put IBM's enterprise-level data capture in the hands of front-line employees.

Yesterday, on WIRED.com, Tobi Schneider (Founder and CEO of Bouncepad, a company specializing in retail mounts of iPads) wrote an IBM-sponsored post about how the new Apple-IBM apps will benefit retailers.

"The IBM MobileFirst for iOS portfolio is comprised of 10 apps that have been entirely reimagined for the mobile enterprise, made specifically for iOS and designed to empower employees wherever their work takes them," he wrote. "This new range of iPhone and iPad-based tools feature solutions that will enable workforces in the retail, financial, insurance, telco, government, travel and hospitality sectors, but the possibilities remain endless."

Schneider zeroed in on two apps of particular relevance to retailers: 'Sales Assist' and 'Pick & Pack.'

Sales Assist and Pick & Pack are two of the IBM MobileFirst iOS apps that will appeal to retailers.

"The Sales Assist app... addresses key retail trends like assisted selling, customer support, mobile POS and iBeacon location technology, helping sales associates create a more personalized experience for customers," he wrote.

"Pick & Pack app focuses on making online order fulfillment easier for retail staff, providing real-time insight on product availability and location."

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