Daily Dose of iQ: Apple Announces iPhone 5S and Cheaper 5C Line

Sep 10, 2013 — Allan Pulga

The big news in wireless today was Apple unveiling its new flagship iPhone 5S, as well as its line of more affordable and colorful iPhone 5C phones (pictured above).

What's new about the 5S and how does it stack up against the leading smartphones on the market?

The new iPhone 5S is faster and has a way better camera than the iPhone 5, but it's the same size and doesn't introduce that many new features.

CNET reports that what was perhaps most noteworthy in today's announcements was what was missing. A major omission was a big screen iPhone: "Both new iPhones have the same 4-inch screen as 2012's iPhone 5. That's downright tiny compared the 4.7-inch, 5-inch, and even larger screens that are now commonplace on competing Android and Windows Phones."

It should be noted, as well, that Apple appears to be undercutting its accessory makers (and accessory sellers) by introducing a new case for the 5S (which will presumably fit over a 5), for the phone. "Made from premium leather, it looks elegant and feels luxurious," Apple says on its website.

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