Daily Dose of iQ: AOL's 'Editions' Compiles Material for You

Aug 03, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Imagine subscribing to a magazine on your iPad that could predict your news consumption tendencies, automatically feeding you content you would otherwise have to look up on your own, daily.

Well that magazine has apparently arrived.

Introducing "Editions," AOL's new daily newsmagazine, launched yesterday.

"It’s something of a cross between The Daily — an iPad-only newspaper filled with original content from News Corp. — and Flipboard, the iPad-based content aggregation app that combines social network data and articles from partner web sites," wrote Mike Isaac of Wired (Aug. 3).

Below is a video advertisement for the new iPad mag, showing how it works:

Pretty novel concept. "Editions asks the user to choose from 15 topic categories, from news to music and culture," Isaac writes. "Every morning, the app creates a compendium of the day's events based on the topics you've chosen." And since it asks you for your zip code, it will display local news and weather too.

Based on your reading habits, Editions will adjust to give you more of the content you're seeking. Sounds really cool.

One disadvantage my co-workers and I discussed, however, is that Editions' predictive functionality could prevent you from stumbling upon the news and material you'd randomly see on Twitter or in your typical online news browsing. It might end up being "too good" at predicting our tastes and prevent us from finding fresh and unusual stuff.

Still, if a magazine's THAT good, it's definitely worth checking out. I'm interested to see how it works.

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