Daily Dose of iQ: #AmazonCart Lets Users Add to Shopping Cart via Twitter

May 05, 2014 — Allan Pulga

Amazon today announced a new feature, called "#AmazonCart," which lets users automatically add an item to their shopping cart via the hashtag within a tweet.

"The new feature is targeted at users who discover Amazon products on Twitter but don’t want to go through the trouble of clicking a link and adding products manually to their cart," wrote VentureBeat's Harrison Weber. "Instead, after setting up the feature, customers can reply to products they’re interested in using the hashtag #AmazonCart."

Yet another way that Amazon removes barriers (conscious or not) between shoppers and impulse buys.

Weber is quick to note that Amazon isn't the first to offer this type of Twitter-shopping cart integration: American Express kicked off a similar campaign last year.

Nevertheless, it's yet another example of Amazon's continued efforts to remove whatever obstacles stand between shoppers and their impulse buying, regardless of whether those obstacles are conscious or subconscious.

It's brilliant, too, because the tweets themselves become social advertisements for both Amazon and the company manufacturing the desired product. In the photo above, it's Pampers.

Topics: Wireless Trends, Mobile Industry, Customer Experience, e-Commerce, Retail Marketing

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