Daily Dose of iQ: Amazon Launches 'Home Services' to Refer Plumbers, Goat Grazers

Mar 30, 2015 — Allan Pulga

I feel like we blog about Amazon a lot. But hey, this is a blog about retail news and technology -- frankly, America's largest e-tailer is also one of the industry's biggest innovators and technology acquirers.

Amazon will screen professionals and companies listed to ensure a 'Happiness Guarantee.'

So what now? Today, the company announced Amazon Home Services. "In less than 60 seconds, customers can now browse, purchase and schedule hundreds of professional services from wall mounting a new TV to installing a new garbage disposal to house cleaning, directly on Amazon.com," it announced in a press release.

The key benefits of the program, according to Amazon, are handpicked professionals, upfront pricing, pre-packaged services and helpful/verified reviews -- all of which amount to what Amazon is calling a "Happiness Guarantee."

Amazon Home Services is available across the U.S., in major metropolitan areas including New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle (see above coverage map).

Amazon is reportedly taking a 20% cut on standard services, 15% on custom, and 10% on recurring services.

The media were quick to point out "whimsical" services already available, like drum lessons or goat grazers, as did ArsTechnica's Megan Geuss. "With drum lessons (or math lessons or French lessons, all of which are listed on Amazon's website now) buyers can get a free trial lesson and then pay for a package of further instruction through the site. If you're hiring a goat, the price will depend on how much backyard you need it to eat."

How much of a cut does Amazon take? "The company isn't offering details, but The Verge says a beta version of Amazon Home Services' website showed Amazon taking 20 percent on standard services, 15 percent on custom, and 10 percent on recurring services."

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