Daily Dose of iQ: 5 Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Jun 14, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Take a look around you on your daily commute to work. Everywhere you turn, people's eyes are glued to their smartphone screens.

Not surprisingly, the number of mobile web advertisers has more than doubled over the past two years, comScore recently reported.

TheNextWeb.com's Lauren Fisher put together a list of '5 Brilliant Mobile Marketing Campaigns' that are effective at reaching customers who are looking to pass the time while in a queue or on a train. "What they want is entertainment more than anything else," she wrote, "to help them pass the time, or services that can add to their current experience."

1. Dual Screen from Heineken

This mobile app creates a game in which players accumulate points by predicting specific scenarios in UEFA games in real time.

2. Cornetto Projection Mapping

This one is similar to the video of the McDonald's interactive billboard game in Sweden that went viral a couple weeks ago. This street campaign in Turkey made the "interactive game playable by passersby who had to call a number to enter, which then enabled them to control a character within the game using the keypad on their phone," Fisher wrote. The game sort of looks like Pac-Man or Bomberman. Interestingly, people with feature phones (not smartphones) could play too.

3. Danoo Interactive Content

On behalf of clients Electronic Arts and ABC, Danoo set up monitors in high traffic areas like cafes and airports, where people will be queuing. Using Bluetooth technology, viewers can download content onto their phones as it appears on the screen.

According to Danoo, roughly 10% of people watching the screens had their Bluetooth turned on and 28% chose to download content. This means roughly 3% of people in target locations downloaded content. Not THAT successful, but I guess it's something.

4. Lynx: Complete the ad

"A fun campaign from Uruguay (more commonly known as Lynx)... ran a print ad that had parts missing from the image, in a teaser for their fans," Fisher wrote. The ad instructed users to text "Axe" to a certain number. They were then sent the missing parts of the image:

5. Motorola: Say goodbye with David Beckham

This campaign, run by Ogilvy in Japan, allowed users to say goodbye to a loved one at the airport, putting together goodbye messages to be shown on giant screens at the airport. Passersby could either: 1) take a photo on their phones and send it along with the message, or 2) have a special message recorded by David Beckham or Jay Chow.

"Cleverly, these special messages were screened in the departure gates," Fisher wrote, "so even after you’d said goodbye to someone at security, you could still send them something a little bit extra special."

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