Daily Dose of iQ: 4 Predictions for Retail Tech in 2012

Jan 05, 2012 — Allan Pulga

http://www.iqmetrix.com/products/rq/salesIn a RetailWire.com article yesterday, David Dorf, Director of Technology Strategy for Oracle Retail, identified four trends he expects to develop in the coming year.

"In past years we've seen the rise of Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, but 2012 will mark a year of war between these juggernauts on the retail battlefield," he writes.

"We'll also continue to see lots of new alternative payment types, more engineered systems, better social analytics, more 2-D barcodes, greater adoption of cloud services and improved f-commerce."

Below are his four predictions for 2012:

1. Mobile Loyalty: Expect retailers to move away from physical loyalty cards and implement geo-fencing technology to turn consumers phones into loyalty devices, Dorf writes.

2. Facebook Levels Off, Google+ Stalls, Groupon Withers, Amazon's on Fire: Dorf says Facebook's novelty is wearing off, yet he doesn't expect many will migrate to Google+. Groupon, meanwhile, is "unsustainable," and Amazon will parlay its Kindle Fire momentum into increased e-commerce and digital content options -- boosting profits in the process.

3. Apple Payments: The much-anticipated iPhone 5 (with NFC support) will finally bring the mobile wallet concept into the mainstream, leveraging existing iTunes-credit card integration, Dorf predicts.

4. Mobile Self-Checkout:
 Apple Stores already use a mobile POS, allowing customers to pay from a smartphone anywhere in store, so "look for grocery chains to quickly add the capability followed by home improvement stores."

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