Daily Dose of iQ: 3 Ways Mobile Marketing Drives In-Store Visits

Jul 07, 2014 — Allan Pulga

"Mobile is more than a channel -- it's a behavior," wrote Jeff Fagel of G/O Digital in a guest post on VentureBeat today.

Fagel implores marketers to stop limiting mobile as a channel only. He suggests considering mobile as a means of "untangling and facilitating the path to brick-and-mortar."

Mobile is more than a channel -- it's a behavior.Jeff Fagel, CMO, G/O Digital

He says there are three ways mobile marketers can drive customers to the physical store:

1. Ditch the random and make it locally relevant. "Consumers want messages that are relevant to them -- for the products they want, at the stores in their neighborhood... Consider how consumers already interact with their devices and take advantage of that behavior... Most mobile consumer sessions (average) about 15 seconds... Today's mobile consumer quickly tires of novelty that requires extra effort."

The average mobile consumer session lasts 15 seconds.

2. Prioritize personalization. "Consumers are not only expecting tailored experiences as part of their shopping experience, but they also gravitate toward retailers that offer more customizable options or the ability to interact on their own terms. This is going to be important as retailers launch in-store beacon technology."

A linked payment account (e.g. PayPal or iTunes) makes it easier for consumers to opt-in for a mobile transaction.

3. When you simplify, you win. "According to a PayPal commissioned Forrester study, PayPal tapped into existing behaviors with its two-step, mobile express checkout that has increased mobile sales conversion by 30 percent and increased retailers' incremental sales by 35 percent... With PayPal, your payment account is already linked -- that makes it easier for consumers to say 'yes' instantly to making a mobile purchase."

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