CNET Buys Home to Truly Test Connected Appliances, Devices

Sep 17, 2015 — Allan Pulga

It sounds unbelievable, but CNET actually bought a 5,800-square-foot home in Louisville, Ky. Funny thing is, this is the second facility CNET has opened of this kind -- in 2013, the company opened an appliance testing facility (also in the Louisville area) as it began testing a wide range of connected home appliances and devices.

The above screenshot is from the Smart Home's launch video, which you can watch on

"What the house really gives us is a blank slate to examine the idea of the smart home from top to bottom so we can bring you along for the ride," wrote CNET's Rich Brown yesterday (Sept. 16). "You'll be able to follow everything we do in the house on this dedicated feature page."

Brown explains the two goals of the CNET Smart Home are to a) test and review all the smart technology available for home use and b) determine the best cable and Internet services available for your connected home. The latter goal assumes, of course, the house can access all the same service providers available to readers across the U.S.

Topics: Internet of Things

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