Chatterspot Helps Retailers Drive Holiday Traffic

Dec 02, 2013 — Allan Pulga

Interview with Brandon De Jong, Vice President, Chatterspot

iQmetrix sat down with Brandon De Jong to discuss SMS and email marketing best practices over the holiday season.

iQ: In a previous article, we discussed how Chatterspot helps retailers (and specifically RQ users) connect with customers via SMS and email marketing campaigns. The holiday season is of course a great time for retailers to reach out to their existing customer base. Do you have any tips for our retailers on how they can use Chatterspot to drive in-store traffic over the holidays?

BD: We always like to provide a few ideas to our clients help get their creative juices flowing. Here are a few sample text messages we previously shared with Chatterspot users to help them prepare for Black Friday:

  • ACME Wireless' Black iDAY sales event has now begun! Show this msg at {clientaddress} to save $10 on any iPhone accessory. Exp. 12/1 {CouponCode}
  • Even we are shopping this Black Friday! Show this msg to your {ClientCity} Acme Wireless by 12/1 & we will pay you an extra $15 on your phone trade!{CouponCode}

Even if these sample messages aren't quite right for our users, we always are available to provide insights on messaging times, frequency, copy, offers etc.

At Chatterspot, we get super excited about all of the holiday shoppers we can help stores capture.

While we can all appreciate a spike in holiday sales, we also try to focus on the bigger picture: lifetime value. In addition to driving traffic, all of us at Chatterspot get super excited about all of the holiday shoppers we can help stores capture through Chatterspot. Regardless of why a customer shops at one of our client's stores, we want to ensure our clients have a direct connection with each customer to invite them back time and time again.

iQ: Do you, for example, have a client that has succeeded in using Chatterspot to attract holiday shoppers? What strategies, promotions, incentives did that company use?

BD: Of course, last Black Friday a wireless retailer who had only been active with us for about 60 days sent a text and email campaign to their 1,862 Chatterspot members and generated over $7,000 gross profit from this 3-day campaign.

One wireless retailer generated over $7,000 gross profit from a 3-day text and email campaign.

The text message was positioned as a "members only" Black Friday offer and used a shortened URL in the text messages to link to an online flyer which promoted an aggressive phone & accessory bundle. 

iQ: Looking ahead to 2014, why should mobile and email marketing play a prominent role in retailers’ strategy? It should be a no brainer for wireless retailers, shouldn’t it? (i.e. marketing to customers on the very devices they’ve sold them) What are your thoughts on the future of mobile and email marketing?

BD: We believe SMS and email marketing will play a critical role in wireless retail marketing this coming year.

The wireless industry is moving forward at break-neck speeds. Lead times involved with traditional media just can't keep up. By the time a retailer's marketing campaign goes live, it may already be irrelevant.

Given the speed at which the wireless industry moves, automated and digital marketing are increasingly important.

Wireless operators are some of the busiest professionals, so automation capabilities and the immediacy of digital marketing are becoming increasingly important. We don't expect to see any drastic changes in how we reach customers through SMS and email, but we expect a continual evolution as to why the customer is being reached.

Data insights will continue to evolve, which will allow us to progressively profile customers in order to increase relevancy. Due to a recent update in SMS marketing regulations, we also anticipate a drastic decrease in SPAM or non-permission-based SMS marketing which will help maintain the integrity of the medium as a whole. 

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