Chatterspot Helps Retailers Connect with Customers via SMS, Email

Aug 05, 2013 — Guest Contributor

By Brandon DeJong, Vice President, Chatterspot

As the wireless market continues to shift, marketing strategies must shift as well. That’s why Chatterspot is excited to join iQmetrix as its newest Select Retailer Solutions Partner: to help RQ4 users improve their mobile marketing.

Existing customers are your easiest and most predictable source of revenue. Yet many wireless retailers don’t have the time or resources to effectively stay connected with their customers.

"Every client you keep is one less you need to find.” - Nigel Sanders

Building customer callback habits at the sales level is an uphill battle: call centers are a big undertaking, and manual management of email or direct mail contact lists can be tedious and time consuming.

Chatterspot’s automated lifecycle marketing solution simplifies your CRM efforts by creating permission-based marketing profiles for your customers. Each profile automatically triggers personalized SMS and email communications to help you increase revenue, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Now, Chatterspot users can opt-in their customers directly within RQ4.

The majority of Chatterspot clients also utilize RQ4, so integration was the next logical step to enhance their user experience. Now, instead of visiting a separate online enrollment page, Chatterspot users can opt-in their customers directly from within RQ4.This integration also shortens the enrollment process by merging customer contact info into the Chatterspot profile, and improves usability by clearly communicating enrollment status.

Once a customer is enrolled through the integrated profile, they are now in the loop to receive automated messages such as follow up, promotions, tips and tricks and upgrade notifications.

Chatterspot clients receive 20 automated lifecycle marketing touchpoints included in their program. In addition to automated lifecycle contacts, Chatterspot users can easily create targeted SMS or email campaigns in just minutes for very little cost.

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