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Celebrating a milestone with iQday

By Nevin Danielson Oct 31, 2010

There’s a quiet celebration going on at iQmetrix this week. As you may have read in our recent release, iQmetrix has been ranked #24 on a national list of the best small and medium-sized employers.

We’re proud of this news and appreciate our coworkers and leadership for making a place we can’t wait to come each day.

If that’s not enough, our CEO Chris K. has invited every staff person to take an “iQ Day.” Choose a day this week and enjoy a day off, courtesy of iQmetrix. Seems like a reasonable thing to do if your employees tell you they can’t get enough of work, right?

How will iQers use their day? Community? Family? Old episodes of Family Guy? On Twitter, employees will be using #iQday to share what they're doing. Please tweet your suggestions. We'd love it if you joined the conversation.

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