Daily Dose of iQ: Canopy, 'A More Enjoyable Way' to Browse Amazon

Aug 28, 2015 — Juhi Jaferii

I recently moved into a new place and I happen to be on a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime. I figured, I should take advantage of the trial and get some stuff for my new apartment. While searching for “best amazon prime products” and “products for the home on amazon” (I was looking for a blog or something that gave me not only ideas to decorate my place but also links to actually buy the products off Amazon), I stumbled on Canopy. 

The biggest advantage to browsing on Canopy versus Amazon itself: It is simply cleaner to look at. Browsing products is enjoyable on Canopy. Amazon has a lot of clutter, so it's difficult to browse. Amazon, of course, offers relatively cheap prices, home delivery and a vast and varied inventory of products. So Canopy gives me a great browsing experience and then directs me to Amazon to buy the product.

Beyond its user friendly layout and design, Canopy is “curated by a community with great taste.” I would use the website to browse for gifts, or fancy looking décor, fashionable items, etc. Amazon is not a great place to search with creativity in mind.

Canopy is simply cleaner to look at than Amazon. Since it's 'curated by a community with great taste,' some of the hunting is done for you.

What's also cool is, like Pinterest, Canopy lets you create “Collections” and add products to them. The first thing I wanted to do on Canopy is create two Collections, one for home décor and one for birthday gifts. So I can just come to Canopy look up my Birthday Gift Collection (a sort of fusion Amazon Cart/Pinterest Board) and then jump to Amazon to purchase a given item. Canopy also has an iOS app (shown below), allowing users to access their Collections on the go.

According to TechCrunch (Nov. 26), Canopy makes money via affiliate fees, not product placements or ads, so the curation is uninfluenced by third-parties.

Canopy isn't perfect, though. One thing that came to my mind as I browsed, was how good this site could be if it didn't cater to Amazon.com only. As a Canadian user, I'd like to know whether a product is even available for delivery in my city; I'd like to know this information while I am browsing.

Another trade-off to Canopy, with its curation based simply on "great taste," is it puts priority on product aesthetics. Personally, I'll use canopy as a filter when I want to browse creative and aesthetically pleasing products on Amazon. I would also use Collections to sort through all the products I found on Amazon and want to buy someday. I can see how others who have joined also see the same kind of perks.

I also know what I currently shouldn’t use Canopy for. I won't use it for browsing products when I don’t particularly care about aesthetics -- for example, a foam roller or bulk socks. Or when I'm looking for products I care to buy as cheaply as possible.

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