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Tanya Floer

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The Mobile Of It All This Holiday Season

There are now more mobile devices on the planet than people! With an estimated count of mobile devices at nearly 10 billion and roughly 7.5 billion humans, we are now outnumbered by our devices.

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Multi-Channel, One Experience

Modern, smart and connected are a few words that describe today’s consumer and should be used to describe your omnichannel strategy as well.

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Customer Loyalty - It's Not For Sale

You cannot put a price on customer loyalty, you have to earn it. Although loyalty discounts are a piece of the puzzle, they do not conquer complete customer loyalty.

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Disruption is Now, Differentiation is Key

Long ago were the days of your grandma’s retail space. In today’s fast paced, ever changing, competitive industry, retailers have one choice – differentiate or die!

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Stop, Drop & Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up stores continue to be an innovative, fun and effective approach for retailers in today’s ever growing competitive space. Whether it’s a store-within-store concept, a standalone pop-up or a traveling school bus road show, pop-up stores continue to win the attention of consumers, attracting both loyal and new customers.

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Convert Endangered Customers to Loyal Customers

As the world of omnichannel retail closes in on us, a large focus has been around the technology behind retail transactions -- technology to ensure seamless integration across all touchpoints, technology to enable multi-channel options, technology to offer today's empowered shoppers infinite choice while saving them time, money and hassle.

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Will Retailers Be Able To Eliminate Checkout Lanes For Good?

The checkout process, the final stage of the in-store experience, can completely affect whether a consumer walks away satisfied and plans on returning or if a poor experience causes them to lean in another direction. Simply put, the retail checkout process cannot be fast enough for consumers today.

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