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[Video] 5 Ways to Succeed in the Growing Cell Phone Repair Segment

Jun 25,2018 — Megan Slinn

The cell phone repair segment is expanding at a growth rate of 5.5% through 2017 according to the IBIS world report and will only continue to grow in the next few years.  With the constant growth comes more and more competitors in the segment. So, as a retailer, you need to be ready for increased market saturation by looking into changes you can make to your current POS, or what a new POS system would need, that would give you an edge on your toughest competitors.  Here are 5 areas to that you should consider:

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What to Consider When Choosing a POS

May 22,2018 — Megan Slinn

When you’re able to take the plunge and choose a POS for your cell phone or repair store, there are a few things you should think about. You want a full, robust, and dependable software that will help with all the problems you encounter and that has all the functionalities your unique business needs to succeed.

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Is Your POS Software Costing You Revenue Opportunities?

May 02,2018 — Megan Slinn

In today’s retail industry, POS software is an essential revenue tool. It's difficult to imagine running any store without one, and it's impossible to capitalize on digital channels without digital payment capabilities. Having a POS system is undeniably an advantage. The question then becomes: is it also an obstacle?

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The End of a Software Silo: 8 Features that Make Your POS a Retail Hub

Apr 20,2018 — Megan Slinn

A POS system should not be a solitary component in your IT infrastructure. Rather, it should be seen as a retail hub that absorbs data from each of your departments and informs a wide range of your processes and operations. With the right type of POS system in place, it's possible to streamline and automate a number of cumbersome processes all while enhancing management and the customer experience. In order to function as a true retail hub, however, your POS needs the right features.

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5 Ways a POS Software Can Improve the Customer Experience

Mar 25,2018 — Megan Slinn

A POS system is traditionally viewed as a back-end solution, used to process sales and accept payments. However, a best-in-class POS system is much more than a simple management solution. A quality POS is a way to enhance the in-store experience and elevate the image of your brand, having a positive impact on the overall customer experience.

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Service & Repair Dealers' VMI Integration

Feb 19,2018 — Megan Slinn

This just in! iQmetrix is pleased to announce the launch of our new Service and Repair Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) partners. These integrations create a seamless experience between our Service & Repair vendors, RQ and our RQ Repair customers. It will help to connect parts inventory and supply chain management all in one quick streamlined process.

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[Video] Service & Repair: The New Buzzword

Jan 31,2018 — Megan Slinn

The service & repair industry has been around for years, but recently it has been becoming a large buzz word in wireless. But it’s more than just cell phone repair; it’s the ever-changing landscape of what needs to be repaired. These products range from cell phones and drones to even home security systems.  It’s a fast-paced industry that will continue to change and in order to allow for that change—while still being able to grow and profit—retailers need to be thinking about processes. 

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[Case Study] 3 Ways Bluegrass Cellular is Leveraging Solutions for Growth

Dec 21,2017 — Megan Slinn

Bluegrass Cellular has recently launched iQmetrix’s POS + Retail Management Solution, RQ, as part of their Omnichannel initiative. I was lucky enough to sit down with Jason Raymer, Bluegrass Cellular’s Director of Sales, to chat about the key reasons why they chose RQ as their POS for their entire channel.

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Turning Data into Information; Why is it So Important?

Oct 31,2017 — Megan Slinn

Your business is likely always collecting data, and sorting through it all can be very overwhelming. Studies suggest that only 10% of data is necessary to answer everyday questions from your business operations. This is why wireless dealers need to break down their data into usable information — it lets you create solutions efficiently and lets you get back to focusing on business. 

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How Wireless Retailers Can Personalize the Online Buyer Journey

Oct 18,2017 — Megan Slinn

Think about the different steps you take before making a purchase. Maybe you browse on a smartphone, then look at product specs from your PC, then finally make it into the store to purchase. Or perhaps you first see an item on social media, and click-through to a product page to find out more before buying an item online. There are endless combinations of channels a consumer might use on their buyer journey—making it increasingly harder for retailers to come up with “one-size-fits-all” marketing techniques.

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Planning to Grow Your Service & Repair Business in the Wireless Industry?

Oct 06,2017 — Megan Slinn

Are you a Service & Repair owner in the wireless industry who is thinking of growing your business? Wondering what you need to think about to take that next step and prepare for the leap? One word needs to come to mind, and that is scale. You need to ensure you are scaling everything from top to bottom before you plan on growing.

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Why Prepaid Dealers Need to Offer Device Repair Services

Aug 28,2017 — Megan Slinn

The Prepaid Expo this past week offered valuable sessions for any dealers in the prepaid sector or those looking to enter it. Discussions ranged from how to prevent fraud and money laundering, to looking at alternate revenue streams, to an overview of the prepaid landscape.

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What Issues Are Facing Prepaid Dealers in Today's Wireless World?

Aug 10,2017 — Megan Slinn

Prepaid dealers in the wireless industry are facing a variety of constraints. Dealers need to ensure they are staying a cut above the rest and implementing features and products that can help them bring in extra revenue and create a great experience for their staff and customers.

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