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Shining a Light on Omnichannel Proficiency

Everyone is talking “omnichannel proficiency” but few are taking action so we’re getting up close and personal with the retail strategy! What does it mean? What are the challenges and where do you begin? Who is doing it successfully and what will the next trends be?

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Mobile App Madness: Nice or Necessity?

I have recently had numerous conversations around mobile applications and what retailers feel is one of the simpler, more immediate steps towards achieving the sometimes overwhelming omnichannel strategy. 

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Boeing 737 Big Data Blunder!

I was travelling recently and booked a long travel day with limited time in between flights. There I was…hanging out in economy seating…for my 5 hour flight…directly over lunch hour…and I was getting hangry!

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A Clash In Expectations & Retail Reality

I was out indulging in some retail therapy and came across a very common disconnect consumers are facing today – a mismatch between expectations and experience.

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A Guide to Guideshops: The Pros & Cons of A New Retail Experience

We often look at purchasing options with a two-dimensional focus: either the physical, brick and mortar stores or the online, e-tailer. As consumer demand has changed, many brands have moved to strategies that include both physical and online stores.

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6 Tips On Embracing Webrooming With Instagram

In our recent blog, The Changing Omnichannel Shopper, we elaborated on bridging the online and offline experiences for changing consumer habits. It’s become increasingly clear that webrooming is just as important as showrooming, if not more so.

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New Trends & Opportunities: What’s Your 2016 Retail Strategy?

As another year comes to a close, we all look toward a new year full of new trends and new opportunities (and maybe a cute, new outfit?). A recent article from Retail Customer Experience provides some interesting insight.

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Black Friday Goes Online: Get Ready to Crash Some Digital Doors!

Black Friday is fast approaching (looming?) for retailers and their customers. The holiday hours for Black Friday seem to be getting earlier and earlier each year – now creeping into Thanksgiving Day and well into the remainder of the weekend afterwards. Are you one of the brave in-store shoppers on Thanksgiving and Black Friday? Personally, I’m not willing to enroll in martial arts just to prepare myself for the strength of those crowds…

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