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5 Omnichannel Strategies Essential for Success During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and once again wireless devices promise to be on everyone's wish list. That means retailers in this space are facing both big sales opportunities and stiff competition during the heaviest shopping months of the year.

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How Much Has Holiday Shopping Moved Online?

If you do any holiday shopping—and chances are you do—then you've probably noticed that the way you shop has changed in the last few years. Gone are the days of getting ads in the newspaper, scanning all of them for the best Black Friday prices, and heading to a store in hopes that they still have the one thing you want.

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7 Steps for a Successful Black Friday

Neglecting to plan for Black Friday is like going rock climbing without ropes—it makes something that’s already difficult a whole lot harder. Black Friday is one of the most intense shopping days of the year, and the outcome for retailers can be spectacular or stressful depending on how well they're prepared. Set yourself up for success this holiday season with these seven simple steps.

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Dropship and Endless Aisle are a No-Brainer for Service & Repair

The dynamic duo of Dropship and Endless Aisle are the products your service & repair shop needs to ramp-up revenue and always be closing on sales.

If you’re already convinced, great! However, it’s likely that you don’t believe me just yet. In order to understand this no-brainer business decision, it’s important to know what the heck Dropship and Endless Aisle actually are!

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5 Ways Endless Aisle & Dropship Will Help You Ship for the Holidays

Black Friday is less than a month away and the holiday season is almost upon us. Online and in-store sales will start to go through the snow-covered roof, but who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the most profitable season of the year. I’m here to give you the gift that keeps on giving: Endless Aisle and Dropship.

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How to Use Customization to Encourage Wireless Device Purchases

The science of consumer psychology has advanced significantly in recent years. This is true for both our ability to understand customers and for using psychology to influence and persuade consumer behavior. Aspects of consumer psychology have been engineered into retail environments for decades. But now that retail is evolving into an omnichannel environment, it's time to reconsider old approaches.

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[Video] What Does Omnichannel Mean for Wireless?

Omnichannel has been a major buzzword in retail for years, but what does it actually mean for the very unique wireless industry?

It's important to create a consistent customer experience across channels and wireless is no exception. Check out our video blog as we walk through the steps of a wireless customer journey and changes wireless dealers can implement along the path to purchase.

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6 Tips to Support Sales Associates When Introducing New Technologies

Today’s customers have high expectations of digitally enabled sales associates. According to a Forrester Report, when shopping in store:

  • 60% of customers expect mobile equipped sales associates to be able to look up product information.
  • 58% of customers expect mobile equipped sales associates to be able to check additional store inventory.
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Why Should You Invest in Brick-and-Mortar Retail?

The media has been having a field day lately predicting the demise of retail stores. A recent Fox Business article declared “RIP Retail.” So why are we still talking about investing in brick-and-mortar as the future of retail? Because the store still plays an incredibly important role in many customers’ shopper journeys – whether it begins or ends online.

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Fulfillment: Give Your Customers Exactly What They Want With Dropship

Customer expectations of the in-store experience are higher today than they've ever been before. We know they want what they want, when and wherever they want it. So how do you fulfill your customer’s expectations and dreams?

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Endless Aisle vs. E-Commerce In-Store: A Digital Showdown

In one of our recent blogs, What is Endless Aisle? Two Important, But Very Different, Definitions we discussed the difference between endless aisle as fulfillment and endless aisle as an interactive kiosk.

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Samsung Uses Endless Aisle to Grow Revenues

In my recent blog, Omnichannel is BS? I Disagree, I talked about people being frustrated with overuse of the term omnichannel. The only thing more frustrating is the lack of retailers and brands achieving an omnichannel strategy.

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Omnichannel is BS? I Disagree

There has been a lot of conversation lately around the concept that omnichannel is BS. Yes, the term has been overused to the point that people may be sick of hearing it, but in my opinion, the concept and need for omnichannel experiences is more vital than ever. And until someone has a new or better buzz term for it, “omnichannel” is here to stay.

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