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Why Create an Omnichannel Experience?

“Creating a great omnichannel experience” is constantly being thrown around in the retail world but what exactly does it mean and is it here to stay?

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3 Design Considerations for Enhancing the In-Store Experience

The opening of Apple’s new flagship store in San Francisco brings to light many ideas about how to create the best in-store experience for customers. Not only is the store breathtaking, but it’s also a great example of what tomorrow’s store should take into consideration.

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Delivering a Stellar In-Store Experience

Imagine you’re walking into your favorite store. What do you think of first? The displays in the front window? The friendly store clerk? The smell of the store? Likely it was a little bit of everything.

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Shopping With Millennials


One current challenge that retailers face is how to deal with a customer base that is increasingly tech savvy. The Millennials or Generation Y are becoming the majority of customers and it’s crucial to understand their purchasing habits.

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Forget Like... Retailers Will Love the New Facebook Reactions

Facebook recently released its new Reactions to global fanfare. Not only can people “like” a post on Facebook they’re now able to express love, laughter, excitement, sadness or anger all with the click of a button. What does this mean for retailers? These new emotions will allow retailers to have a better understanding of their audience and what they would like to see on their News Feeds.

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The Changing Retail Experience: 3 Things Your Customers Want

While the so-called decline of the bricks-and-mortar store has been touted within circles for years; e-commerce giant, Amazon, has just opened its first physical store. As online and physical stores merge, the introduction of omnichannel retail solutions becomes crucial for physical retailers to create a seamless experience for the consumer.

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