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8 Ways to Retain Your Best Employees and Ensure They Never Want to Leave

The following is a guest blog post from our partners at Statflo

After putting in so much effort to research, attract, screen, interview, hire and train the right person for the job, it’s devastating when they decide to leave prematurely. And yet, it happens all the time.

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TracPoint: Serialized Coupons for All Your Digital Marketing

-- TracPoint integrates serialized barcodes for coupons into all digital marketing, including TracPoint Apps and Trac-Mail Email Marketing. --

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Chase: Consumers and Businesses Shy Away From Checks

Consumer payments systems in the US are in the midst of a two decade long transformation. Cards are in and paper payments (i.e. cash and checks) are moving out as preferred payment methods. Nilson projects that from 2012 to 2017 the use of cash by consumers will drop from 31.23% of all transactions to 22% of all transactions. Check use will fall from 8.55% of all transactions to 4.2% of all transactions. By 2017, card use (includes Credit and Debit) is projected to make up 61.54% of all transactions.[1]

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Chatterspot Helps Retailers Connect with Customers via SMS, Email

By Brandon DeJong, Vice President, Chatterspot

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