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Train, Monitor, Reward: How to Create a Great Customer Experience

The following blog was written by iQmetrix Integrated Partner, Envysion. They outline how a customer's path to purchase can be made great with the help of your well-trained employees. 

You’re watching from across the room as one of your sales employees works with a customer. Your employee hasn’t looked up to make eye contact with the customer in more than two minutes while the customer is anxiously shifting their weight from foot to foot; you cringe as you count the seconds go by.

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Increase Visibility Across Multiple Retail Locations

The following blog was written by iQmetrix Integrated Partner, Envysion, exploring how to improve operational efficiency with integrated video surveillance. 

When you walk into one of your wireless retail locations, you instantly start conducting a thorough visual survey to see if everything is as it should be. Are the employees observing the dress code? Is your product inventory displayed neatly? Are customers being greeted as they come through the door? You observe a few procedural violations to nitpick before going about your business, but these small breaches of policy are only from the store you can see. But what about your other locations?  

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How to Prevent Theft As a Wireless Retailer

The following blog was written by iQmetrix Integrated Partner, Envysion and outlines how managed video solutions can combat fraud and mitigate loss for cell phone stores and repair shops.

Scanning the customers in your storefront, butterflies stir in your stomach as you consider the likelihood that one customer at this very moment could be attempting to commit fraud.

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Don't Just Survive — Thrive This Holiday Season

This holiday season you're going to have increased traffic. Are you prepared to maximize your sales with this influx of store traffic? Let’s say 30% of visitors to your wireless store make a purchase. That means that you have the chance to influence 70% of your customers to buy! While the exact percentage may vary in each of your stores, the key point is this: you need to take advantage of the opportunity to sell more in your stores. To be able to take full advantage of it, you will first you need to track it.

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