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Retail Marketing

Brand Health Check: 3 Aspects to Keep Top of Mind

Everywhere we look, we’re met with brands from many different markets.
Customer Experience

Will VR Drive Retail Environments in 2017?

On a recent trip to Phoenix, I was stopped in the airport by a virtual reality demonstration that Facebook was …
Retail Operations

3 Alternatives to Traditional Retail Inventory Management Practices

Inventory management is a balancing act. If there's a shortage of merchandise, retailers may lose out on potential …
Customer Experience

What Does Your 'Store of the Future' Look Like?

When the internet was introduced to the public in August of 1991, it caused a ripple effect across our entire …
Customer Experience

2 Simple Ways to Create a High-End Shopping Experience

While at a tradeshow in Las Vegas, I was on a mission to traverse the seemingly endless aisles of slot machines …
Customer Experience

Retailers: It's Time to Embrace Digital!

It was a beautiful day out and I was enjoying lunch on a patio with a group of my friends when the topic of a …
Vendor Managed Inventory

How VMI Keeps Customers & Cuts Costs

In today’s world, consumers are overloaded with a sense of choice and loyalty is something won and lost in an …