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A Look Back at the RQ Bootcamp

Apr 02,2018 — Channing Kochylema

The first annual RQ Bootcamp was held this past week at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort and it went off without a hitch. Okay, there were a few stumbles from some of our freshman presenters, but let’s face it, these only the created funny and memorable moments we will cherish. More importantly, all presenters effectively shared their breadth of knowledge and years of experience with all of those in attendance.

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A CES Map for Wireless Retailers

Dec 13,2017 — Channing Kochylema

From January 9 - 12­, 2018, the CES consumer electronics conference will heat up the otherwise cool Las Vegas sands. As expected, CES brings with it a plethora of content packed sessions and great keynote speakers. To help you take full advantage of the full event agenda, I’ve put together my top attractions for a wireless retailer, leaving you some space to fill out your schedule as you see fit.

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5 Ways Wireless Retailers Can Respond to the New iPhone Releases

Nov 08,2017 — Channing Kochylema

In an unprecedented move, Apple has announced three new iPhones simultaneously—the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, and the highly-anticipated iPhone X. The iPhone is one of the few products that sparks interest and sales simply with its announcement—but this influx of new phones on the market leaves wireless retailers in a precarious position. How do retailers market the new iPhones when everyone else is marketing it, too?

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3 Steps to Enable Sales Associates to Sell More Product

Sep 08,2017 — Channing Kochylema

During my time in university I worked in a few jobs and while they were in different industries, a foundation in sales was the common ground. Of all my roles, my favourite was a position with the little-known company, Home Depot. It was there that I learned three very simple, yet very important principles that helped me close more sales than nearly all of my fellow employees. With these principles, I was able to create a process that satisfies customers and results in a successful sale.

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Preparing for the 2017 Prepaid Expo: 2 Sessions You Need to Attend

Aug 07,2017 — Channing Kochylema

It’s the 10-year anniversary of the Prepaid Expo and this year’s lineup offers a packed schedule full of valuable content that we’ve all come to expect from this event.

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Who Will You Meet at the Meetup?

Jul 31,2017 — Channing Kochylema

August is here! Why am I so excited you ask? Well, it brings with it International Beer Day, Friendship Day, and International Hangover Day; so please, through August 4 – 6th, grab a cold beer, celebrate your friendships, and then help one another through your impending hangovers. But that’s not the only reason I’m excited about August. August also means the highly anticipated iQmetrix Meetup is only one month away! 

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Increasing Service & Repair Revenue Through Drop Ship

Jul 17,2017 — Channing Kochylema

“I’ve never broken my phone screen,” said no one ever. With the advent of the cellphone and the extreme jump in users that this industry has seen over the last 10 years, a spin-off industry has been created that’s becoming more prevalent in all our cities; Service & Repair. This industry has the sole focus of not only fixing your phone, but also aiming to remove the pain of having to wait days, or even weeks to have your phone back up and running.

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How Dropship is Changing the Inventory and Merchandising Game for Retailers

Jun 27,2017 — Channing Kochylema

Many large retailers are competing on delivery options and satisfying consumer demands for a true omnichannel experience with seamless convenience and vast product selection. With iQmetrix Dropship, retailers of all sizes are now able to offer similar benefits to consumers.

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It's Time to Give a Ship: Fulfill Customer Needs With Drop Ship

Jun 19,2017 — Channing Kochylema

One of my biggest shopping frustrations is walking into a store and finding out the product I’d like to buy is out of stock. On most occasions, I’ve done my research on the product to see if it’s carried in your store.

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3 Reasons Customers Visit a Wireless Store

May 26,2017 — Channing Kochylema

Today’s customers are savvy, knowledgeable, and well-versed in many, if not all, aspects of the wireless retail space. But it wasn’t always this way. Wireless consumers have experienced a steep knowledge curve, learning and adapting to a brand new and ever-changing landscape.

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3 Strategies to Fully Optimize Your Drop Ship Rollout

May 05,2017 — Channing Kochylema


Having the ability to provide your customers with seemingly endless product options once seemed impossible. However, this type of offering has increasingly become mainstream for retailers. Or so I thought.

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Don't Miss These Key Steps to Earning Customer Loyalty

Mar 16,2017 — Channing Kochylema

Typically, the words customer and loyalty don’t necessarily fit alongside one another in the same sentence. With the multitude of options out there for consumers, it can be difficult for a business to keep their customers coming back for more. The ways below may seem like a no-brainers, but you’d be surprised at how often retailers fail to provide these basics.

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Brand Health Check: 3 Aspects to Keep Top of Mind

Jan 16,2017 — Channing Kochylema

Everywhere we look, we’re met with brands from many different markets.

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